Where have all the courgettes gone?

A glut of summer courgettes should not be lost, so grow and get them stored in 2017.  There were lots of reports in the news last week about the shortage of courgettes and other Mediterranean veggies due to bad weather in Europe. We have even resorted to importing lettuces from the US due to the crisis. When we think about food miles this is absolutely ridiculous when we can grow our own lettuce the whole year round in pots next to our back doors.

BBC News – Courgette Crisis
Regardless of whether you have a huge garden or a couple of hanging baskets, there is an array of tasty treats you can grow through this summer to eat and store for the winter. If you are limited on space choose varieties that fit. Only grow what you like to eat so that we don’t waste the produce we grow.

If you do manage to grow extra veggies such as courgettes you can store them by dehydrating them or slicing, lightly sautéing and freezing.

We can’t do a lot about it right at the moment so good luck getting hold of courgettes! Plan and grow this year so that next winter you have your own supply of courgettes, peppers and tomatoes as well as enjoying them right through the summer.

Happy gardening everyone!

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