When is it ever a good time to weed!

Springs arrived, it is wet through and a day off work in the week meant some me time in the garden yesterday. It was a strange day weather wise, but the rain kept to a minimum, the ground was soaking so what ever I did would have to be minimal as working and walking on the ground when it is wet through can compact and cause damage.

There were lots of small weeds taking advantage of the mild winter. In my garden I have a particular problem with stinging nettles. They have an annoying way of sending out root runners throwing loads of plants up everywhere. Now I like some stinging nettles in the garden, as lady birds enjoy them and they also make a good fertiliser. The amount I had before I started weeding would have made the garden quite an uncomfortable place to be in a couple of months so they had to go.

This is where wet weather and soaking ground is actually an advantage. You can literally pull the roots out of the wet ground in big runs removing all the weed. It is really beneficial in the gardening year to get out over the next couple of weeks to get rid of all the weeds now whilst the earth is really soft and the roots are easy to get out.

The only other work I did today was lightly fork the ground to loosen it a bit, annoying a few worms in the process.

Happy gardening everyone!

Weeding in the rain.

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