The Feathers Chicken Run

Let me introduce you all to our girls, who live in the chicken run called the feathers, which is halfway down our long garden.  I am a bit biased but they are ten very happy hens.  We have had them since October 2012 when we decided that we would start keeping our own chickens.  John was bought a hen house as a leaving present from an old job so it was the perfect excuse to get some.  We wanted to make sure that the run we had made was safe and suitable for the chickens as neighbours along the road had lost chickens to foxes and we did not want to take that risk.

So we had a humongous run made, which was situated on an old flower bed and we edged it with railway sleepers to ensure that the fox could not get in.  We then decided it would be a good idea to build the house inside the run.  Now I would like to say that you should always read the instructions before you go out and start building your chicken run.  We had made a run to fit up to 20 birds comfortably and the house John had been bought was suitable for two chickens.  To say it was a little lost in the run is an understatement.

We did not despair as John is an eBay champion he was soon on the case to buy a new Chicken house.  He found a right bargain, a hen house big enough for 12 birds for £36.00 available in Sheffield.  The only issue was getting it to Manchester.  We went with a trailer to pick it up, along with some more man power in the shape of my nieces husband Jason.  The picking up of the house was not the issue.  The real problems began when we got it home and realised we could not fit it through the door in the run, and it would be practically impossible to take the run apart.  The only thing we could do was lift the run up at one end and slide the house in.  This was easier said than done, and it was a good job we have our extra man power as Jason was a very handy support whilst me and John shimmied the house in.

In the end the house was set up well and we went to buy our girls from Cheshire Chickens.  They are Novogen Browns and they are brilliant chickens.  We did have issues with them trying to escape when we first let them into the garden, but they have now learnt the house rules.

Take a look at some of the picture of the girls and their house.

Welcome to the Feathers
Welcome to the Feathers




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