Sorry I am having a gardening rant!

As I sit on the floor in Euston train station, thanks to the storm disruption of Dorris, I realise how far behind I am in my garden this year. I really am struggling to get motivated in the garden. It’s nearly the end of February and I still haven’t cleaned my greenhouse, weeded the beds or done any planning. What is wrong with me (well apart from being stuck waiting for a train, but I think this is different). I think it has something to do with the cold weather, having spent the start of the year in Goa, and it’s just got worse with Dorris.

Seeing as I am going nowhere for a while it’s time to have a serious word with myself, here in London Euston and not in my shed. I love gardening, well at least I think I do, so I need to get mobilised. This is my kick up the bum to say this weekend will be greenhouse cleaning day and veg plot planning for the year ahead. Of course I will need to start by assessing storm damage first. Blimey I’m ranting, sorry everyone!

I am going to try and sow my chilli seeds this weekend as last year I left them quite late and the crop was rubbish (well it was non existent really #epicfail). 

Having a rant on here has helped, I am going to get back in the garden again, if I ever make it back from London. If nothing else the garden is better exercise than the gym.

Now I’ve cheered you all up with my moan…

Happy gardening everyone!

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