Pond Life

Having water in the garden helps develop a natural balance of nature and plants. It brings with it the benefit of frogs and other creatures which is brilliant. They help to keep the slugs and other nasties down in the summer, helping to protect your plants and produce.  

You do need to give a bit of maintenance to the pond at this time of year, to get rid of leaves and other rubbish that has fallen into it over winter. Today the sun was shining and I got stuck in. Wearing my worst clothes I lay on my stomach ladling rubbish out of the pond. I have left the rubbish on the side of the pond so any creatures that may have been fished out can crawl back into the water. Leave the rubbish for 24 hours and then you can throw it away.

Removing the rubbish from the pond help improves the water quality for creatures living there. I have done the cleaning now so as not to disturb frogs over the next couple of moths as they move back to raise the next generation.  

This year I am going to put a new lily in the pond and look for some good oxygenating plants to help improve the water quality.

Remember to keep taking rubbish out of your ponds through the summer, and keep an eye out for things like blanket weed as this can suffocate a pond.

If you have the space and want to bring lots more wildlife into your garden then why not make a pond.

I only have before pics the pond was cleaned, but I’ll update this tomorrow.

Happy gardening everyone!

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