Pond life 2

The pond in the garden has been attracting all sorts of wildlife. Starting a month ago with some randy frogs I had a load of frog spawn after I cleaned out some of the rubbish from the pond. Unfortunately it seems like something has eaten all the spawn?? The only thing I can think it might be is the newts that are in the pond as I saw them hanging around the edges of the spawn. Well at least they had caviar.

I might have mentioned before that my water lily that was in the pond appears to have died, so I have been and treated myself to another. I also bought an oxygenator which is important to keep the water clear of algae. I bought some marginal plants including a purple iris and a skunk cabbage. I filled out the bog garden at the side of the pond with some new ligularia and miniature gunnera (yes I did say miniature, as small as you can go).

I have started a one man battle with the mares tail around the edge of the pond this year. I have managed to get rid of it from other parts of the garden, however near the pond the roots of the weed are everywhere. I intend to not use any kind of weedkiller due to the proximity to the pond so I am gong to try and exhaust the weeds. This is an endless task, digging the roots out, cutting off the weed as it surfaces, and making sure this is happening weekly. This technique although timely is very effective against this dreaded garden nemesis.

I hope my new plants enjoy the pond and keep it well this year. I do have some concerns that my pond leaks, but in ten years it has always held most of its water so I won’t worry to much about this.  

Happy gardening everyone!

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