Growing Tomatoes 

I managed to take my desire for grow your own to work this week demonstrating how to grow tomato plants and setting people a growing competition. I grew three different varieties of toms for the practical planting sessions which were tigerella, cherry and money maker. Over two sessions I gave out 100 plants, which were all potted on into a… Read more →

Protect your plants from the cold!

Talking on BBC Radio Manchester this morning I was asked about the cold snap of weather we are having and what effect this is having on the garden. In my garden I am a little worried about my plum blossom, especially when I saw this afternoon with the sudden downpour of snow and hailstone. That aside I recommended the use… Read more →

Gardening questions on the radio!

It was a fab morning with Becky Want on BBC Radio Manchester. The nice weather really does get people thinking about their gardens which is great because I love talking about all things gardening! The questions came thick and fast, so here are a few with my thoughts on them (apologies I can’t remember the caller names) Q. My monkey… Read more →

Egg eating plants – is there really a benefit?

We know that eggs are one of the best super foods around, containing lots of protein, vitamins and minerals. Whilst on BBC Radio Manchester this morning, presenter Becky Want shared her gardening expertise stating that the water we boil eggs in is wonderful when used on house plants (obviously when it is cooled). I was a bit concerned that Becky… Read more →

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