It looks like snow

Now there are speckles of white amongst the weeds and old leave under my Rowan tree. Snowdrops, what a treat! I planted these in the green a couple of years back, and this year is the first year they are starting to look anything like a clump. Planting snowdrops in the green is the best way to get success from them. If you don’t know what in the green is, it basically means planting the bulbs just after they have flowered. Any time now all the garden centres will be selling pots of them off cheap, so swipe them up and get the white delights blooming in your winter garden next year. I just need to remember they are there now and not dig them up in a weeding frenzy.

I’ve got colour inside the house as well with some belting hyacinths. They smell really nice, but seriously make me cough a lot. As they grow and flower if they are not in the brightest position they will splay and reach for light, which might make them look a bit floppy. Just give them a little bit of support in the pot and keep them in a coolish position (so not next to a radiator). When flowering is complete either store the bulbs for next year, or plant them in the ground… 

Ok so it’s not the most attractive pic next to the kitchen sink!

Happy gardening everyone!

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