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Welcome to my gardening blog, my name is Shaun Gagie and I am writing this blog to introduce you to my love of all things horticultural in my own garden. I originally started to write this blog in January 2014 as I wanted people to join me in the journey in getting my somewhat run down garden into a state where I will be able to grow vegetables and have a great selection of plants and flowers all year round.

Back in January 2014 I wrote:

I live in Denton with my partner John, and we have a long thin garden that has unfortunately fallen into a shameful mess the last couple of years.  Now is the time I am going to take action about this and get my garden back to its full potential.  I need help and advice to do this, so it is the main reason why I want to do this blog, but it is also a chance for me to share the good things that I do in my garden.

We have a chicken run with 10 very happy hens that live half way down our garden.  We have had them since October 2012 and it has been a right laugh learning how to look after chickens properly.  I won’t say we are experts, but we have had a bit of practice now, so we can share our experiences with you.  The house where the chickens live is called the ‘Feathers’ and when they moved into our garden we had a real hen party to celebrate and name the birds.  Of course we have no idea which one is which now apart from Camilla who is top dog in the coop.  To say we underestimated the damage that chickens do to your garden is an understatement and over the last year we have lost two lawns and a hell of a lot of plants.  Part of the year ahead is making my garden a bit more chicken proof whilst not restricting them to their run all the time.

We also have some other pets, which are Boo the Jack Russel and George and Mildred the Tortoises who all make good use of the garden in their own way.

The main jobs over the next twelve months will be as follows:

  • We desperately need a new shed as the existing one is literally falling down
  • Redefine all the existing flower beds and introduce new plants and all year round colour
  • Fence off the chickens so they can only use the bottom half of the garden
  • Reintroduce some lawn into the garden
  • Build some new raised beds for vegetable growing
  • Chop down some over bearing conifers which are taking far too much light off the garden
  • Renew sections of the fencing
  • Fix the patio areas so that you can walk over it without tripping over loose stones
  • Sort out my rockery area.  This was already in the garden when we moved in and it has nothing in it at the moment and is used as a toilet by Boo.  Very uninspiring to the budding horticulturalist
  • And lots lots more…….

Now as I look forward to 2015 I want to continue the blog.  I still have some of the jobs to do, but great progress was made in 2014.  This blog will continue to review what is happening in my own garden, whilst also being a place to share gardening ideas.



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