Garden transformation part two!

I think I might call the bottom of my garden the secret garden (that's original I know). You walk right past the chickens to an area that is now really coming alive and the truth is you don't expect to find it.

Travelling back in time a bit to the end of May and the grass has started to grow and the plants I bought are enjoying their new home. Time to start thinking of the lowest section of the garden. When I first looked at this area my heart sank as I knew it would be wet and the weeds were wall to wall. I got stuck in and cleared like mad to get it back to the earth. I then thought how I would like it laid out and used some more tree branches to create some defined beds. I utilised two old girders to make a path and as I dug over the ground I found loads of hardcore to use for other paths.

This area of the garden actually gets quite a bit of sun so I wanted to include some fruit plants. With this in mind two of the beds were dedicated to blackcurrants, blue berries, strawberries and rhubarb (I know this is not technically a fruit).

The third border/bed I wanted planting up with beautiful plants that will offer flowers throughout the year. I wanted something that would be easy to maintain but attract wildlife, so lots of things like geraniums were a must. The area was pretty large, so paying for these plants would be expensive. My friend Darren Holland (Hungry for Hostas) came to the rescue with a selection of plants from his own garden to start me off. Along with some cuttings from around my garden the whole area is now taking shape.

To tidy up the bottom of the area I membraned the ground and covered with a thick layer of bark chippings.

Next time you will see the plants I bought at RHS Tatton and some of the amazing landscaping that's been done.

Happy gardening everyone!

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