Garden transformation part one

It's been a warm and wet summer and it's been one where I have been really inspired to get on with some garden improvements. After 10 years of being in our house, I have finally tackled the bottom part of the garden and although it is early days, the start of the transformation gives me new hope for the garden.

The bottom of my garden is completely covered with large established trees. For years it has been overgrown with brambles, nettles, carex pendula and Himalayan balsam. It was a breeding ground for loads of flies that every time I entered the space would bite the living daylights out of me. Well enough was enough, nature needed a hand to rebalance and some woodland inspired planting was required.

This all started on 8th May. As you can see from the first picture the garden was a real mess. I had been using the area to burn wood and other garden waste for years, so any remnants of niceness were all but lost. Armed with a pair of loppers, a saw and a spade I set about clearing.

Within the first week I had stripped part of the ground back to bare earth, leaving only an old rhododendron bush which is not in bad shape considering it's lived underneath brambles for years.
With this blank canvas I set about transforming. I used old fallen trees to make border edgings, and laid out the garden how I would like it to look. This first section of cleared area would become my woodland garden.

I researched the most shade tolerant plants and bought a few to get the planting going, these included thalictrums, epimediums and aconitums. I bought some grass seed with a mix of varieties that will not mind shadier spots. I split loads of plants from the rest of the garden to fill out the space a bit more. The first week down and the land already started to look lived in.

Find out what happened next in my next blog.

Happy gardening everyone!

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