Garden transformation part 3 and plans for 2018

Happy New Year Everyone!

2017 was a busy gardening year, and I am happy with the progress made in my gardens transformation. I am now able to enjoy the whole garden, but there is still lots more work to do.

One of the last big jobs in 2017 was repairing a large retaining wall that was holding up a bed at the bottom of the garden. It had previously been held back with large wooden posts. These had gone rotten, and my worry was the shape in this part of the garden would be lost if nothing was done.

My gardening friend Curtis Shaw came up with the perfect solution. New wooden railway sleepers, that had been weather treated would make a perfect retaining wall, and look right in place in the woodland setting of my garden. We chose a dry Saturday back in August and I played the role of labourer as Curtis did all the technical work with the sleepers. It was a tough day, but Curtis did a brilliant job and I really appreciate his help with the work.

Since having the wall put in place I have finished off the area with some planting of ferns and other shade loving plants.

After the transformation

I kept all of the old wood and have made some log piles for wildlife to shelter in through the cold months.

I want to continue the transformation in 2018, spending time working on paths in the garden, and replacing some wooden steps at the bottom of the garden that have rotted.

In the veg garden I am going to keep it simple this year and just grow salad, onions, beans and beetroots. In the greenhouse I will grow chillies and tomatoes but nothing else.

One job that I will be doing in the next few weeks is pruning my apple trees and repairing the raised beds in my veg garden. I will post updates of these as it progresses.

Happy gardening everyone!

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