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My time as a gardening expert on BBC Manchester Radio.

BBC Radio Manchester January 28th Gardening Questions 

There was a definite theme of willows on the gardening phone on BBC Radio Manchester today with people asking when to move a weeping willows and how to keep a pussy willow healthy. Listeners also had the added treat of Chelsea Norris reciting poetry about the willow (who knew the willow was so popular). I was asked about one of… Read more →

Where have all the courgettes gone?

A glut of summer courgettes should not be lost, so grow and get them stored in 2017.  There were lots of reports in the news last week about the shortage of courgettes and other Mediterranean veggies due to bad weather in Europe. We have even resorted to importing lettuces from the US due to the crisis. When we think about… Read more →

The benefits of house plants

If I am not looking after plants in the garden, I love growing a variety of house plants. There are many benefits of having house plants which include air purification and easier breathing. Personally I don’t think there is any reason not to have plants in the house or even in your workplace as there are lots that need minimum… Read more →

Protect your plants from the cold!

Talking on BBC Radio Manchester this morning I was asked about the cold snap of weather we are having and what effect this is having on the garden. In my garden I am a little worried about my plum blossom, especially when I saw this afternoon with the sudden downpour of snow and hailstone. That aside I recommended the use… Read more →

Gardening questions on the radio!

It was a fab morning with Becky Want on BBC Radio Manchester. The nice weather really does get people thinking about their gardens which is great because I love talking about all things gardening! The questions came thick and fast, so here are a few with my thoughts on them (apologies I can’t remember the caller names) Q. My monkey… Read more →

Egg eating plants – is there really a benefit?

We know that eggs are one of the best super foods around, containing lots of protein, vitamins and minerals. Whilst on BBC Radio Manchester this morning, presenter Becky Want shared her gardening expertise stating that the water we boil eggs in is wonderful when used on house plants (obviously when it is cooled). I was a bit concerned that Becky… Read more →

Arley Hall and Gardens Festival

What a splendid time I have had today at the Arley Hall and Gardens Festival. Once again I have been on BBC Radio Manchester, which was broadcast from the beautiful grounds of the hall where they had lots going on for the keen gardener. In true garden show style they had garden displays, lots of activity for families and my favourite… Read more →

Wyevale Garden Centre Altrincham

So here I am again following a morning on bbc radio manchester as a gardening expert and I want to do a quick review of the garden centre where we were broadcasting from – Wyevale Garden Centre Altrincham. I hope this does not come across as negative because these big garden centres have a place and there are deals to… Read more →

Arley Hall and Gardens

If you are a keen gardener, or just like to admire spectacular scenery then Arley Hall and gardens in Cheshire is well worth a visit. I came across this hidden gem whilst volunteering on BBC Radio Manchester. Described essentially as a family garden, since it was first created in 1743 each generation of family at Arley Hall have been very… Read more →

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