Being present in the garden – weeding in the moment!

I did it, I got off my backside and got in the garden and I feel good for it. Sometimes it is so easy to get stuck in a rut. I have definitely been in a rut recently, so I made myself get out in the garden today and you know what I loved every minute.

I was watching a film on YouTube last night by The Lean Machines and Leon (one of the Lean Machines) talked passionately about living in the moment and being present. I am not going to get all zen about this, but he made a lot of sense. When I went in the garden today I wanted to weed and tidy rather than clean my greenhouse, so that is what I did. I feel a sense of accomplishment now #gardening #achievement. From now on I am not going to put myself under loads of pressure to do things when the books say I should. This is not a fitness blog, but if you want to watch two guys who love life, then give The Lean Machines a go.

The Lean Machines
I weeded my raised beds and I did the pleasurable job of mixing some of the chickens poop into one of them. I am going to plant some beans in the bed later this year. I dug up all last years beetroots that had gone very woody, but the chickens enjoyed eating the leaves. Loads of tidy up jobs done and dusted and the garden looks great.

My woodwork skills will be required again in the summer as one of my raised beds has gone rotten. I made this particular bed when I first moved into the house ten years ago, so I am happy with how long it has lasted.  

I planted a tree given to me by Darren from Hungry for Hostas (@HungryforHostas). All I know is that it is a fruit tree, Darren was not sure what type, however he thinks it might be a pear (I hope so). I have planted it with my other fruit tree and rose bushes where hopefully it will be happy. I’ll keep you posted through the summer to see what grows.

The new fruit tree, planted next to the big plastic heron!

With a sense of satisfaction I am now watching an episode of Columbo (a guilty pleasure of mine). I enjoyed the garden today and I will keep up the momentum now.  

Happy gardening everyone!

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