BBC Radio Manchester January 28th Gardening Questions 

There was a definite theme of willows on the gardening phone on BBC Radio Manchester today with people asking when to move a weeping willows and how to keep a pussy willow healthy. Listeners also had the added treat of Chelsea Norris reciting poetry about the willow (who knew the willow was so popular).

I was asked about one of my favourite plants the heuchera and how to look after it. This is an easy care foliage plant, that comes in many striking colours. They will happily grow in a pot or in the ground, however they can be susceptible to vine weevil grubs. The best way to avoid this is to plant them in the ground.

I found out today that the pussy willow and clementine are both plants associated with the celebrations of Chinese New Year. I advised if these plants are to be brought in the house not to have them in a hot room or next to a radiator as both would prefer it cooler. The pussy willow in particular will not enjoy the indoor life, despite the freezing weather outside.

I can’t grow wisteria for toffee, but the best time to plant it is in the spring or autumn. They don’t require special soil conditions, but do enjoy a sunny aspect.

Bizarrely I was asked about a hanging plant suitable for a bathroom. I suggested a spider plant would be perfect for these conditions and the baby plants would create a cascade of green off the mother plant.

The morning was finished with willows again as I was asked to recommend a tree that would be good in a wet garden. From my experience willows love growing near water and are heavy drinkers.

Why not put your feet up this weekend whilst the weather is wet and plan your garden for this year. 

Happy gardening everyone!

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