Pond Life

Having water in the garden helps develop a natural balance of nature and plants. It brings with it the benefit of frogs and other creatures which is brilliant. They help to keep the slugs and other nasties down in the summer, helping to protect your plants and produce.   You do need to give a bit of maintenance to the… Read more →

BBC Radio Manchester January 28th Gardening Questions 

There was a definite theme of willows on the gardening phone on BBC Radio Manchester today with people asking when to move a weeping willows and how to keep a pussy willow healthy. Listeners also had the added treat of Chelsea Norris reciting poetry about the willow (who knew the willow was so popular). I was asked about one of… Read more →

Where have all the courgettes gone?

A glut of summer courgettes should not be lost, so grow and get them stored in 2017.  There were lots of reports in the news last week about the shortage of courgettes and other Mediterranean veggies due to bad weather in Europe. We have even resorted to importing lettuces from the US due to the crisis. When we think about… Read more →

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